Program 2014

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Wednesday, 4/16/2014

Andrea S. Laliberte, Remote Sensing from UAS: Image Processing Workflows, Classifications and Terrain Extraction - PDF

Josh Tanner, ArcGIS Online for Organizations: Implementation in Oregon State Govt. - PDF

James R. Miller, LiDAR Analysis and Visualization Tools and Their Application to Oregon LiDAR Data - PDF

Matt Deitemeyer, GPS Tracking of Clark County Public Works Vehicles - PowerPoint

Myrica McCune, The Oregon Spatial Data Library: A Vision for Increased Data Sharing PowerPoint

Eric Nielsen, Diverse Roles of LiDAR Data in Vegetation Mapping - PowerPoint

Cy Smith, Address Point Repository Project and Status - PowerPoint

Thursday, 4/17/2014

Derek Norpchen, Generating 3D Model with Data from Smart Phones and LiDAR - PDF

Eric Bohard, GISCI GIS Certification—Big Changes Are Coming PowerPoint

Jarrett Keifer, Crop Classification Using Multi-temporal MODIS Vegetation Indices - PowerPoint

Dean Anderson, Customizing Open Source Tools - PowerPoint

Rex Fisher, Teaching the Next Generation: NeoGeography Club - PowerPoint

Matt Vogt, Using Structure for Motion (SfM) for Canopy Height Modeling - PowerPoint